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Ah ah ah, che spasso.

Ha ha ha, what a fun.


The Five Onion Rings

Fried Onion Rings

Fried Onion Rings

It seems that in Rio a bombastic, useless – even ill-fated for Brazilians – manifestation called Olympic Games has begun. It seems also that billions people are watching the thing on telly. Frankly, I don’t give a [you fill this space] to such dumb stuff. To the five circles, I prefer fried onion rings by far. Is there anyone out there of the club?

New Cover For New Mystery Novel


This is how the cover of my new mystery novel In Bianco (In White) will look like. The book is due for release nex month, i.e. November 2015. This image is actually a painting of mine, Maybe Later, acrylic on cardboard, 50×70, 2010.

Learn more about the book and what’s all about here.

Ecco qui la nuova copertina del mio nuovo libro, un giallo, intitolato In Bianco, che uscirà a novembre 2015. L’immagine è un mio dipinto, Casomai più tardi, acrilico su cartone, 50×70, 2010.

Per saperne di più, sul libro & la sua storia, potete dare un’occhiata qui.

The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies & Cardboard Towns

CardTownsIt’s official: the first issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies – as you can see for yourself clicking the link – is now posted on Intellect’s website: here is the table of contents, where you can find an article by Benjamin Fraser, professor at the College of Charleston (SC), titled Cardboard Towns/Città Di Cartone: An artist interview with Marco Bigliazzi. I.e. with me about Cardboard Towns.

Thanks, Ben.

March 8 All Year Round

Monna Lisa Having a Snack

Leonardo da Vinci and René Magritte, Monna Lisa Having a Snack, 1503-1937

The silly image above (silly caption included) is a new one of the collection of silly pictures I’m creating as a visual complement to the posts on the blog of the restaurant (Il Ristoro di Frate Cipolla). The concept of the related post, anyway, is that March 8, International Women’s Day, is a poor gift to women – why just one day? – hence, for us, March 8 should be All Year Round. Shouldn’t it?

A bunch of silly images


The Great Onion in a rare engraving from 1848

Since the half of October 2012, I’m posting a bunch of silly images on the blog of my restaurant, Il Ristoro di Frate Cipolla, as a complement of posts about cookery, recipes, menus, special evenings, etc.

14febbraio_smallmongolfieracipollaI enjoy making these images mostly by putting together public domain pics found on the internet and mostly of old or even ancient engravings, mixing them together with photos as well, as in a goofy collage.

This is nothing really new, as great German artist Max Ernst invented such a thing way back in the 20ies with his graphic novel La Femme 100 têtes (1927) and later Une semaine de bonté (1933); Terry Gilliam has also used a similar technique since the late ’60ies in an original way for his animation work with the Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

And here is some of these silly pictures of mine – you can find more here –  where the Onion (or the Great Onion) is the Queen, since the name of the aforementioned restaurant sounds as Monk Onion’s in English. And I love onions, too.


Some book illustrations

On Cardboard Towns I started publishing a small bunch of quite old illustrations I have drawn for a quite old book of mine.

Way back in 1986, when I was a really young student, a small publisher – Felici Editore – approached me with the proposal to draw an illustrated book about Pisa. I thought a little while about it and then I went back to the kind, old man and said: – I’ll do it, but it will not be another dull book about monuments and beautiful sunsets on the river and stuff. Maybe there will be no tower at all.

Mr. Spartaco took a deep breath, shrugged and said: – Ok, begin drawing.

A few months later – after a hot summer spent feverishly writing and drafting – the book was ready and was eventually published in October.

The pictures above are some of the illustrations of this book, which was titled simply Pisa.