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The Brown Paper Sketches Gallery

Brown Paper Sketch 20, 2013

On Cardboard Towns I created a page with a Gallery devoted to my Brown Paper Sketches – of which you can see a sample above.



The Five Onion Rings

Fried Onion Rings

Fried Onion Rings

It seems that in Rio a bombastic, useless – even ill-fated for Brazilians – manifestation called Olympic Games has begun. It seems also that billions people are watching the thing on telly. Frankly, I don’t give a [you fill this space] to such dumb stuff. To the five circles, I prefer fried onion rings by far. Is there anyone out there of the club?

Gli Schizzi da Pacchi | The Brown Paper Sketches

Li ho chiamati Schizzi da Pacchi perché sono fatti su carta da pacchi. Tecniche miste: pastelli, carboncini, grafite, biro, marker, ma sempre su carta da pacchi. Su Cardboard Towns ho aggiornato la galleria che li raccoglie tutti; al momento sono 90.
On Cardboard Towns, I have just updated the Brown Paper Sketches Gallery.





The Tea-Shirt

Third entry in the T-Collection, this new Tea-Shirt is an evergreen classic, not to be missed by all the discriminating T-Shirt passionates, along with the Tee-Shirt and T-SHIrT.

Terza uscita della T-Collection, la nuova Tea-Shirt è un classico da non perdere per i veri appassionati di T-Shirts, assieme alla Tee-Shirt e la T-SHIrT.

The Scenography Sketches

A scenography sketch for the movie project “2033”

They are not a lot, but anyway I created a new page on Cardboard Towns about them – the sketches for the scenography of an animated feature film project we were developing at Toposodo Independent Productions some years back.

The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies & Cardboard Towns

CardTownsIt’s official: the first issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies – as you can see for yourself clicking the link – is now posted on Intellect’s website: here is the table of contents, where you can find an article by Benjamin Fraser, professor at the College of Charleston (SC), titled Cardboard Towns/Città Di Cartone: An artist interview with Marco Bigliazzi. I.e. with me about Cardboard Towns.

Thanks, Ben.