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Agguato tra i tamburi | Ambush in the Drums

Una foto di me tra i tamburi scattata durante le registrazioni del disco dei Parafulmini Tenere Fuori Dalla Portata Dei Bambini il gennaio scorso.

Me at the drums in a photo shot during the recording of Keep Out Of Reach Of Children, the Parafulmini‘s album.


A New Little Concert of Parafulmini


It’ll be on Friday, September 18th, a new little concert of my band Parafulmini [Lightnin’ Rods], at the Music Park in Bientina (Italy). You can find some clues about what we are going to play just below.

Here comes the first Parafulmini’s CD (maybe)

Well, don’t take it for granted, but it really seems that in a few months the first Parafulmini‘s (Lightning Rods) recording will be released. Featuring: Marco Bigliazzi (me) on drums, Stefano Masoni on electric guitar (and trumpet) & Luca Rossi on electric bass. The title is still unknown – it could be Tenere Fuori Dalla Portata Dei Bambini (Keep Out Of Reach Of Children). Release date, around Fall 2015. Stay tuned for more.

Drums again


Marco Bigliazzi, i.e. me, at the drumset


As I have already written on some older posts, today I play drums with the band Parafulmini. While I use the computer to compose and write music, when it comes to play drums are definitely my favorite instrument. In this little picture above, there’s me in the background and a small drum in the foreground. It may seem a big drum, because of the shot, but it’s actually a 6″ (15 cm) diameter Ludwing tom tom (informations for drummers) and I really love the sound of this hi-pitched one. I have two of them, one 5″ and a half and the other 9″ deep, and you can see them on the left of the set in the shot below.


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NO More Cover Bands Anymore

Parafulmini | Lightnin' Rods - the drummer

Parafulmini | Lightnin’ Rods – the drummer

Well, on the blog of Parafulmini (Lightnin’ Rods) toon-rock band (where I proudly play drums and write music) I eventually translated in english an old post of mine, titled as this one you are reading right now: NO More Cover bands Anymore.

Or maybe you actually like cover bands?