Between 2008 and 2010, I created and directed the animated TV series Taratabong, The World Of Meloditties. The show was aimed to little kids and was about music: all the characters, who were musical instruments, didn’t talk – they just played notes, rhythms, harmonies.

Taratabong has been distributed by Mediatoon worldwide, from Italy to France, Portugal, Middle East, Thailand, China, just to name a few. In the USA it was broadcast on Netflix, which recently cancelled the show due to the expiration of their license. So, we started to receive tons of requests from the States – emails and comments on Toposodo Independent Productions’s blog – asking for more and longing DVDs. Unfortunately, no DVD has ever been made by the distributors. So, let’s hope that Netflix renew their license and that one day we will be able to bring the world an all-new Taratabong season.



  1. Eamon

    All I can find is poor video quality taratabong in Italian. My son still loves it but I would seriously pay 50 dollars for the English season due to my sons love of the show. This is the best way to help my son understand music and hopefully start him on his own creative music journey. Taratabong is awesome!

  2. Mama

    How do I get this on DVD??? I had it on Netflix, and now it’s gone. I can only find it in Arabic online and multiple very short clips. This is the ONLY thing that will bring my toddler back from a very unhappy tantrum. HOW do I get it????

  3. Jeanette Collins

    What about selling it online in amazon no actual DVD required. My son has had a fire for music and is completely in love with your show. Think outside the box and make this available some how to everyone . People will pay!!!

    • Marco Bigliazzi

      Well, Jeanette, that’s a good idea. Anyway, it’s always Mediatoon who manages the rights for online distrubution. I can say it them again, and see what happens. Hoping for the best!

  4. Will Meeker

    I can’t believe there’s no way to get these episodes online, what year is this? My toddlers can’t wait for Netflix to renegotiate. Has anyone come across a digital copy of these? Please post link, thanks.

  5. IndyMom

    Just found your show on Netflix. My 3 yr old is hooked after one show! As a musician myself I find it delightful and can pick out different classical themes through the short stories. Just kind of jealous there are no woodwinds on it. 😉

  6. Karen

    My daughter has been watching Taratabong (on Netflix) since she was a year old…..she is now almost three and it’s her favorite show. She knows the names of all the characters and even sings the theme song frequently. We would LOVE it if there was another season!!

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