Some More Drums

ParafulminiDrumsAs I already mentioned in a past post About Drums, today I play drums with the band Parafulmini. In the pictures above there is a portrait of the aforementioned drums, along with the band and, of course, myself. For anyone interested in this kind of stuff, my drum kit is a Ludwig (from 1982) and the set up is as follows: single headed tom-toms sizes 5,5×6″, 9×6″, 9×8″, 9×10″, 11×12″, 14×15″, Remo rototom 18″; bass drum 18×22″; Ludwig Coliseum 8×14″ wood snare drum; Tama 5,5×10″ steel snare drum. Cymbals: 3 China (Stagg) 8″-14″-20″, 1 China (Paiste Formula 602), 1 China Swish (Tosco) 18″; 2 Splashes (Stagg) 8″ & 10″; 1 Medium Sizzle (Tosco) 18″; 1 Crash (Tosco) 16″; 1 Ride (Stagg) 22″; Sound Edge 2002 (Paiste) Hi Hat. And finally 4 cowbells and a drum kit tambourine.



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