About drums

MB_drums_01As I mentioned somewhere in some blogs of mine, I play drums – today with the band Parafulmini. In the pictures above and below there are some drums, and myself behind them. For anyone interested in this kind of stuff, my drum kit is a Ludwig (from 1982) and the set up is as follows: single headed tom-toms sizes 5,5×6″, 9×6″, 9×8″, 9×10″, 11×12″, 14×15″, Remo rototom 18″; bass drum 18×22″; Ludwig Coliseum 8×14″ wood snare drum; Tama 5,5×10″ steel snare drum. Cymbals: 3 China (Stagg) 8″-14″-20″, 1 China (Paiste Formula 602), 1 China Swish (Tosco) 18″; 2 Splashes (Stagg) 8″ & 10″; 1 Medium Sizzle (Tosco) 18″; 1 Crash (Tosco) 16″; 1 Ride (Stagg) 22″; Sound Edge 2002 (Paiste) Hi Hat. And finally 4 cowbells and a drum kit tambourine.



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