A bunch of silly images


The Great Onion in a rare engraving from 1848

Since the half of October 2012, I’m posting a bunch of silly images on the blog of my restaurant, Il Ristoro di Frate Cipolla, as a complement of posts about cookery, recipes, menus, special evenings, etc.

14febbraio_smallmongolfieracipollaI enjoy making these images mostly by putting together public domain pics found on the internet and mostly of old or even ancient engravings, mixing them together with photos as well, as in a goofy collage.

This is nothing really new, as great German artist Max Ernst invented such a thing way back in the 20ies with his graphic novel La Femme 100 têtes (1927) and later Une semaine de bonté (1933); Terry Gilliam has also used a similar technique since the late ’60ies in an original way for his animation work with the Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

And here is some of these silly pictures of mine – you can find more here –  where the Onion (or the Great Onion) is the Queen, since the name of the aforementioned restaurant sounds as Monk Onion’s in English. And I love onions, too.



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